So as I mentioned earlier I was trying my hand at some EDM using FL Studio 11.

I’m new to the program and new to the genre, but this s the result of a couple hours work. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Also keep in mind it is’t finished and hasn’t been touched up at all. this is an extremely rough copy!

I have no idea what happened but in the past week I managed to get myself out of this rut and:

-Learned FL Studio 11
-Discovered electronic music (yes I know I’m a bit late)
-Started mixing some songs!

A side note - I’m actually producing something really fucking good sounding!

Expect a sample soon tumbr!

Kiss me, Kiss me
Please always miss me
Be sweet as a treat
And kind to my mind
Don’t hurry me
Don’t worry me.
I’ll love you forever
But, will we meet ever?
― A personal Poem - Cody VanDiepen

I don’t think I’d ever act on it again, but anyway, I can’t figure out why thinking about ending my life, like, running scenarios through my head of it always seems to make me feel better.

Day after day
of endless grey
In search of someone
who just might be
the spark to reignite
the fire in my world.
― A personal poem - Cody VanDiepen

I just had the strangest dream… I can’t really recall the start of it, but I remember I bumped into this girl I used to go to school with. She is a year younger than I am.  I don’t even know what it was, why I made it happen, but I liked it. we ended up sitting in these chairs side by side, I think the a TV was on but I wasn’t paying attention there. I had been  trying to hookup with this girl because I knew I always thought she was pretty. I stopped though, I just felt gross suddenly, it felt like I was being so rude, it just didn’t feel right. 

I remember looking at her face after that while she looked ahead not noticing me. I stopped trying to hook up with her and I started talking to her. I liked the talk, shy at first, but I remember I started asking her about figure skating, I don’t know if she does any more, but she used to be good!
we talked about that a bit and then ended up holding hands.

It was just such a simple dream, so short, with a girl I don’t know any more. we met in public school and I saw her grow into a beautiful woman in highschool. 

I guess I don’t know what I’m trying to tell myself here. I guess I wish I could maybe consider acting on this, not that I’d have a chance in a million years with her. I don’t know I guess it’s just a sweet treasure I can look on when I’m down. Her name is Shawna.

Horny and forever alone —————————————————————
The madness of men
A constant call to arms
With ‘peace’ as their ballad
A song no one finds valid
Oh wouldn’t it be fun
To be a fox or faun
Minus the worry of
The madness of men
― A personal poem - Cody VanDiepen
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